How to become a web developer – Friends, after the advent of internet, there has been a lot of boom in online business due to which people are shifting their business online and increasing their work.

To do any business online, a website or application is needed, which requires a developer to make it.

In the last it comes on income because the person who is taking his business online needs a website or application and to make a website a developer is needed and the developer charges some money for working after which Creates and prepares a website or application.

All this does not benefit one person, it benefits many people because before building a website, he has to go through many steps and all of them have their own part.

Apart from this, in today’s time, there is a demand for a good developer in the market because the IT field has become much stronger than before, so if you also want to work online from home or you also want to become a developer, then today’s article is definitely going to end.

What is Developer?

Friends, whenever we search the domain name of a website on Google, we see some results and if we click on one of the links of those results, then we get to see a website which may contain some text. Later there may be an image or image, later there may be a popup on the click of text or any button, anything can happen.

So friends, all these images and text alignment, size, colors, background etc. are managed by coding but we see a beautiful website as output. The hand behind all this is of coding and we call the person a developer who creates a good website or application by coding.

Friends, whether there is any framework or any CMS platform, three types of developers are used in it, about which you can read in detail below.

Types of developer

Although there are many types of developers who work on different languages, but basically there are three types of developers who use their own skills to create better websites and applications.

let’s go deeper now

  1. Front End Developer
  2. Backend Developer
  3. Fullstack Developer

Front End Developer

The work of a Front End Developer is to do client-side development, so it is also called client-side development because the job of Front End Developer is to prepare the layout of the website or application according to the client and according to the client.

Front End Developer is the job of managing the website’s visual, layout, user interface etc., for which the developer needs to know languages ​​like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Let us understand this with an example so that it becomes easy to understand the work of Front End Developer.

Friends, if there is a button in any website on which the client wants that as soon as the user clicks on this button, then a pop-up should appear in which whatever information is given can be read easily. Friends, all these works and such works belong to Front End Developer.

Backend Developer

Friends, the job of the Backend Developer is to manage the website from the backend in which he uses any programming language. Backend Developer works in the backend which is not visible to any user on the front but the work is definitely done.

Like we go to an e-commerce website and buy a product and fill in the address and make payment, but behind all this, the backend developer is the backend developer who transfers the data from here to there and where the request is made. It decides whether to send and for this it is very important for the developer to know a programming language that includes JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, C, C++ etc.

Fullstack Developer

Friends, there is Hanuman in the Fullstack Developer IT field who manages everything and his skill is also sufficient. Fullstack Developer manages a website or application from front end to backend.

Friends, who are full-stack developers, it is a mixture of Front End Developer and Backend Developer or it can be said that there is a combo pack that handles all the work alone and has all the skills that are in Front End Developer and Backend Developer.

How to become a web developer

Friends, to become a web developer, you have to learn any one skill, for which you will have to work hard and as I have already told you there are three types of web developers, out of which you can become a developer of all three types, but for that You have to start with one language, after that you can learn different languages ​​and become all three types of developers.

To become a good developer you should start with easy languages ​​and easy tasks like first of all you should become a web designer for which you will need to learn HTML and CSS.

After becoming a web designer, you can go a step ahead and add one of your skills which is JavaScript, if you learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a good way then you will be called a good Front End Developer.

Friends, after becoming a front-end developer, you can add another skill which is programming language, if you add any programming language other than HTML, CSS, Javascript like PHP, then friends you will be called web designer + frontend developer + backend developer. Also called Fullstack Developer.

In the end, one thing is that you have to start with simple things so that you do not have any problem in achieving further position, to start simple, you can do it from the website mentioned below.

  1. W3School
  2. Tutorials Point
  3. Udacity


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