You can understand how important backlink is for SEO SEOWith the help of this, a new website can also rank in Google SERP. Google has done many seminars to promote the Hindi language and in this seminar when a blogger asks questions about backlinks, the Google team says that Google Algorithm does not check backlinks. Here ranking is given according to the content itself. But, it is not so as far as I understand, Google still sees backlinks and people do not run after PBN if they do not see backlinks.

What is Backlink What is Backlink?

Backlink is clearly visible from its name, it is a link, yes it is a link that tells the way to go from one post to another or from one website to another. Like if any other link is put in a blog post which is put with the help of Anchor Text. Whenever a user is on a webpage, a link is put to him for a reference or for more information on that particular topic, where by clicking, the user reaches another post or website.

To understand backlink properly, many basic terms have to be understood. SEO itself is a very large area, here many processes are done, one of which is backlink. The way to create backlinks in SEO has changed. Earlier there was a difference between directory submission and bookmarking, but now it is not so. In today’s time backlinks are created in a very different way. First of all we will know Basic Terms used for Backlink

Internal Link

It also works like a backlink but, the user keeps roaming here on different pages of the same website. If there is good traffic on a blog post, then you can put a link to the related post here, this will bring traffic to other blog posts as well. Bounce rate of blog/website is also low with internal links.

Link Juice

The benefit of Link Juice is when you get Do-Follow Backlink . Here link juice means the connection from one website to another. When this link is Do Follow, then Search Engine Boat comes to other website with the help of this link and crawls it too. This leads to Domain Authority Improvement.

High-Quality Link

It is very important to understand this. What type of link is a high-quality link? High-Quality Backlink is available from High DA PA and Quality Website. But now its method has changed. If this link is from the related website then it will work more. Now Google search engine is giving quick rank to Micro Niche Site. Because the user is always looking for The Best. In such a situation, to rank the site in the SERP, a backlink is needed from the same website where the related post is posted and its ranking is good.

Low-Quality Link

Many times bloggers make this mistake while creating backlinks, they buy backlinks from where backlinks should not be taken. There are many such websites on the Internet that are selling backlinks. Never buy backlinks from such websites. It has been seen many times that some people associate your website with a porn website. Their purpose is to spoil your ranking, now their website is not ranking at the top, then they want to spoil your ranking by linking your website with a low-quality backlink so that their site can be ranked.

What is the type of backlink Types of Backlink?

There are two types of backlinks – DoFollow Backlink and NoFollow Backlink, the work of both is different.

Do-Follow Backlink

Dofollow Backlink passes Link Juice so that the search engine bot also crawls the link given in the backlink. Do-Follow Backlink is necessary to correct search engine ranking. Whenever a backlink is created with the help of Anchor Text, it is Do-Follow Link. There is no attribute attached to it.

<a href="your website url">Link Text</a>

No Follow Backlink

This does not pass Link Juice. Referral Traffic can be found from this type of link but, Organic Traffic is not available. It does not make any difference in SEO. It has a nofollow attribute. If you are also giving a backlink to someone and there is related content on the site, then you can give dofollow backlink. But, if there is no related content then nofollow backlink should be given.

<a href="your website url" rel="nofollow">Link Text</a>

Backlink Kaise Banaye?

Before creating a backlink, make sure that what is the SEO and Spam Score of the website from which you are taking the backlink. To create a backlink for a new blog, many times they make or buy low-quality backlinks. There will be nothing to gain from this, but it will be a loss. To avoid such pitfalls, check this before making a backlink whether you have any benefit in taking a backlink from this website or not? We can create as many backlinks as we want for any blog. But, it is better to get only a few backlinks from the website of work than unnecessary backlinks. How to create a backlink, there is an easy process for this, so that you can create a backlink.

Blog Comment

After publishing the blog post, do a related Google search and comment here, this increases the awareness of the blog. There is no special benefit from this link because it is a Nofollow backlink. But, this is a related link and the user also reads the blog comment.

Quality Content

Why does a user visit a website? Both the user and the search engine want High Quality and Detail Content. Content in which the problem of the user is solved. If the user’s problem is not resolved, then he will not come back to your website. Content is everything in blogging. SEO cannot do anything without High-Quality Content.


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