Any Effort Made From Outside The Website And Not From Inside, Which Has A Positive Effect On Your SEO, Is Called Off-Page SEO. Link Building Is The Most Important Off-Page SEO.

Let Us Now See What Is The Basic Difference Between On-Page SEO And Off-Page SEO?

What is On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO

Often People Do Not Understand The Difference Between On-Page SEO And Off-Page SEO And Say That Both Are SEO What Does It Matter? So Let Me Tell You That It Makes A Difference And Not A Small Difference Is A Big Difference.

To Explain This, Let Me Give You An Example, Suppose You Created A Website And Wrote Equal Content In It, The Theme Is Also Great And The Widgets, Menu Bar Etc. Are Also Simple And Intuitive.

But Google Is Not Ranking This Website Only. Meaning What Is The Discrimination By Google That Websites That Look Worse Than Your Website, And Blog Posts Of Less Word Count Are Also Ranking Better Than You?

Actually The Main Reason For This Is That You Have Given Equal Attention To Your Website Decoration And Content, Ie On-Page SEO, But In The Matter Of Spreading Your Website To The People, That Is, In Off-Page SEO, Other Websites Have Done A Better Job Than You. |

But Sometimes It Also Happens That We Do Not Know Which SEO Factor Will Come In On-Page SEO And Which Will Come In Off-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO Vs Off-Page SEO

To Understand This More Clearly, Think Like This, If I Give A Link To My Website In Another Website, Then It Will Be Called Off-Page SEO, Why? Because In This Process I Did Not Make Any Changes Inside My Website. On The Other Hand, If I Improve The Contents Of My Site, Compress The Image Size And Focus On Increasing The Speed, Then It Will Be Called On-Page SEO Because I Have Made Changes Here Directly From Within My Website.

If You Are Still Having Confusion In Understanding On-Page SEO And Off-Page SEO, Then You Should Ask Yourself That Whatever You Are Doing For Your Website, Is It In Your Hands? If You Get The Answer Yes, Then Understand. That It Is On-Page SEO Otherwise Off-Page SEO.

Like Creating Proper Content, Use Of Accurate Headings, Choosing The Right Compressed Image Etc. Is In Your Hands And This Is Called On-Page SEO While Creating Backlinks, Promoting Your Website In Social Media Etc. Is Called Off-Page SEO.

Factors Of Off-Page SEO

1. Link Building

To Show Search Engines That The Site Is Trustworth, Valuable And Authorized, The Most Appropriate Weapon Is To Build Links.

When You Leave Your Link In A Site Which Is Already Trustworth, It Makes The Crawler Think That Your Site Is Definitely Valuable Because You Are Getting The Reference Only From Such A Place Which Is Very Trusted. And In The Eyes Of The Crawler, Decency Means A Rise In Your Rank. This Is The Reason That Link Building Is Considered To Be The Most Important Component Of Off-Page SEO.

Special Attention Should Be Paid To The Fact That Not All Links Have The Same Value, Some Links Are More Effective In The Eyes Of Search Engines. If We Pay Attention, Some Key Points Will Be Common In All –

  • Authority Of The Linking   Site, You Should Give Your Links On Such Sites Which Are Fully Authorized, Trustworth And Valuable. Because This Will Make Your Quality Backlink And Quality Backlink Is The Creator Of Organic Traffic.
  • The Consistency Of Your Given Content In The Linking Site,  Suppose Someone Is Asking About Agriculture And You Are Telling Him How To Play Football, Then That Person Will Not Click On Your Link In Any Condition And Seeing Such Content, Then Others Readers Will Also Get Away From Your Site.
  • The Quantity Of Links Given By You In The Site,  Mostly The Question Is Asked Whether The Quality Of Backlink Matters More Or Quantity? When I Did Research On This Question, I Found That If You Have Given Your Backlink In A Valuable Site In A Good Way, Then It Will Be More Effective Than The Backlink Given In Thousands Of Websites. Therefore, It Is Better To Provide Backlink In A Good Way In The Work Place Than To Give Your Backlink In Thousands Of Places.

In This Way, By Measuring The Trustworthiness Of Other Sites, You Can Get Traffic To Your Website By Providing Your Links In It.

2. Guest Blogging

When You Write Your Blog As A Guest On Any Other Website, Then In That Content You Give Various Links To Your Sites And In Addition To This, People Can Search About Your Website By Knowing About You In The Author Box. In This Way You Will Also Be Recognized By The Readers Of That Website.

That’s Why It Is Said That Guest Blogging Is A Very Effective Off-Page SEO Technique.

3. Social Media

By Sharing The Link Of Your Site Or Online Business From Social Media, You Can Get Your Close Ones And Their Close Ones As Traffic. That’s Why Social Media Is A Great Platform To Spread Your Content And Creativity.

If You Want, You Can Create A Personal Page Of Your Site In Facebook, Instagram Or Any Such Platform. In Which You Keep Updating The Posts Of Your Site Continuously And Increasing The Follower, This Will Lead To Good Publicity Of The Site And Permanent Readers Will Also Increase.

4. By Repairing Bad Links

Sometimes You Have To Change The Url Slug Of One Of Your Blogs. In Such A Situation, If You Have Given A Link To The Same Blog In Any Other Site, Then It Will Also Have To Be Changed, Otherwise It Will Remain A Broken Link And You Will Not Be Able To Get Traffic From It.

5. Using Link In Place Of Name

Whenever Your Brand Becomes Very High, Many Websites Refer The Name Of Your Site In Their Blog, But They Do Not Give The Link, They Only Give The Name, So It Is Necessary That You Contact All Those Sites That In Your Name. Also Give The Link So That You Will Get Another Backlink.

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