What Is On-Page SEO

On-Page Seo  Is A Type Of SEO  In Which We Make The Elements Inside Our Website Search Engine Friendly, Its Main Objective Is To Get More And More Organic Traffic To Your Site. Through This, The Search Engine, Like Google, Can Easily Understand What Is In This Website? What Subject Is This Related To? Is The Element Given In It Original?

In Clear Words, On-Page SEO Is Such An SEO That Is Always  In Your Hands,  Because In On-Page SEO, You Travel From Creating Good Content To Convincing The Search Engines About Your Website, So Tell Yourself. Who Can Tell Better About Your Website Than You?

Most Of The On-Page SEO Experts Advise Us To Choose Exact Match Keywords For Our Page, In Addition To Optimal Use Of Keywords In Title, Use Of Keywords In Meta Description And Use Of Keywords In H1 (Heading 1) Give Advice.

Unfortunately, Such Methods Have Become Ancient Because Since 2018 Google Has Made Extensive Changes In Its SEO Policy, In Which The Above Keyword Tricks Have Been Described As Outdated And Google Has Made Itself So Smart That Now Keywords And Similar To Them Have Been Made. He Recognizes Words Easily.

Although You Can Put Similar Keywords In Your Page, But They Should Be More And More Relevant To Your Content.

Why Do On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO Is A Very Essential Element For Any Blogger Because It Works To Rank The Blog. I Think That If You Have Created A Good Website, Then It Will Definitely Rank On Google Because Creating A Good Website Means –

  •  Good Content Has Been Prepared, Due To Which The Article Is Having A Great Impact On The Readers.
  • Good Theme Has Been Selected So That Everything From Google bots To Readers Is Getting Without many efforts.
  • All Necessary Pages (About, Contact, Privacy) Are Clearly Presented.
  • Font Size And Color Have Been Properly Selected.
  • From Keyword To Blog Title Has Been Kept Very Right.

Friends, This Is On-Page SEO!!! All The Above Points Reflect On-Page SEO Only, Then You Must Have Understood Why On-Page SEO Is So Important!!

Let Us Now Look At The Major Factors Involved In On-Page SEO-

Key Factors Of On-Page SEO

Although, According To Experts, There Are Many Factors Of On-Page SEO, Which Include Page Speed, Easy Crawling Of The Website By Search Engines, Etc. But When We Studied Some SEO Tools On These Topics, We Found That The Factors Which We Used To Include On-Page SEO, Most Of Them Come Within Technical SEO.

In Such A Situation, Which Factors Should We Take In On-Page SEO..? In The Context Of This Topic, We Studied The Website Of Many SEO Plugins Such As  Yoast SEO ,  SEMRush ,  Ahrefs  Etc. And We Came To The Conclusion That There Are Mainly Three Factors In On-Page SEO –  Technical Understanding ,   Excellent Content.  And User-Friendly Site. Let Us Now Study These Three In Detail.

Technical Understanding Of Coding

People Say That WordPress Has Created A Good Harmony Between Coding And Visual Text And Now Whenever You Write A Blog On WordPress, It Goes Away Even If You Do Not Have Much Understanding Of Coding.

With The First Statement, I Myself Completely Agree That WordPress Has Made Blogging Work Easier For The General Public Who Do Not Have Any Special Knowledge Of Coding, But As Far As The Second Statement Is Concerned, I Will Say Clearly That It Is Absolutely Wrong. Is |

If You Want To Become A Good Blogger Then You Must Have At Least Beginner Level Understanding Of Coding. Like Other Bloggers, I Would Not Advise Here That If You Have Writing Skills, Then You Should Also Do Blogging,  Not At All .

I Am Saying This With Such A Strong And Clear Tone Because In My Own Blogging Career There Have Been Many Technical Problems Where I Had To Change The Coding Behind The Text, Even Sometimes With Top Level SEO Plugins. Even Fine Level Coding And Even More Normal Level Coding Are Unable To Change.

In Such A Situation, It Becomes Necessary For You To At Least Be Aware Of What Is Happening Behind The Scenes.

Now You Can See The Need Of Understanding Of This Coding In The Form Of Adding Modern Things To Your Theme, Removing Unnecessary Elements From Your Content Or You Can See It As Increasing The Speed Of Your Website. |

I Will Give You An Example For This.

Like Sometimes When You Delete An Image From Any Of Your Content In WordPress, It Is Seen That That  Img Source <> Is  Not Removed In Your Coding. In Such A Situation, You Have To Open The Coding Behind The Text And Clear The Line Containing The Image Source In It.

Well What If You Don’t Do This?

Directly Speaking, That Img Source Line Is A Complex Task For The Google Crawler Because The Crawler Will Look For An Element That Does Not Exist, So Your Page Speed Can Have A Very Bad Effect. Secondly, Sometimes Its Effect Is Also Visible On The Visibility Of Your Content Because The Empty Space Of The Image Is Constantly Visible To Us.

So You Must Have Understood That For On-Page SEO Also Some Elements Behind The Text Also Come And It Is Equally Important For You To Have A Hold On Them.

By The Way, You Will Find It Technical To Hear And You Will Say That Why We Did Not Keep It In Technical SEO?

So It Has Been Kept In On-Page SEO Because It Is Normal Coding Which-

  • Related To Your On-Page
  • Is Related To Making Your Content Effective And
  • It’s In Your Hands.

Great Content

Content Is Content, How Will It Be Great? And Who Will Decide Whether It Is The Best Or Not?

First Of All We Focus On The First Fact That  Content Is Content, How Will It Be Best?

Why Will People Come To Your Website? The Answer Is When You Give Them Exactly What They Are Looking For!! So For This, It Is Most Important For You To Make Your Content Unique, Apart From This, Your Font Size, Colour, Blog Title (H1-H6) Etc. Are Also Factors That Make The Content Great.

To Rank In Google, It Is Very Important For The Content To Be Effective Because If The Readers Are Liking Your Content Then Google Will Rank It.

Now Coming To The Second Question That Who Will Determine The Content Is The Best?

By The Way, Its Determiner Is Public Because What You Have Written Will Be Considered The Best From Your Side, But The Judge Will Only Make It Public. | That’s Why The Main Factor Of On-Page SEO Is Content.

User Friendly Experience

You Must Have Created Good Content But The Structure Of Your Site Is So Complex That Your Reader, After Reading Only A Certain Blog Of Yours, Finds Himself In A Maze Because Of The Structural Complexity And The Result Is That He Will Come Again To Your Site. Hesitates To Come

Such An Incident Does Not Make Any Sense For Your Content To Be Better, Because You Have Made Your Site Appearance Unpopular And Due To This Your New Readers Are Not Getting a Friendly Atmosphere. Since This Is Happening On-Page Only, Therefore It Is Also Kept In On-Page SEO.

If Your User Is Easily Understanding Your Website Then He Will Spend More Time On Your Website Which Means You Are Stopping Your Traffic In Your Site For A Long Time I.E. You Have Created User-Friendly Site And You Have Done On-Page SEO. One Stage Has Also Been Completed.

To Avoid This, You Should Choose A Simple And Intuitive Looking Theme And Think About Making Widgets, Footer-Header, Menu Bar Etc. User Friendly.

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