Mostly People Running WordPress Are Worried About SEO, Do Not Know How Many Articles They Read To Improve Their Content And In The End It Is Found That There Are Plugins Which Can Help You To Improve Your Content Reading Mistakes And All Three Types Of SEO. Exists To Create, And This Is Not Any Other Plugin But Yoast SEO, Today We Will Know In Detail What Yoast SEO Is And How It Is A Great SEO Plugin.

But Before Knowing About Yoast SEO, Let Us Know About The Basic Things Of SEO.

What Is SEO?

SEO Or Search Engine Optimization Is Nothing But To Make Your Content Search Engine Friendly, It Means That Just As Google Is A Search Engine, If We Write Any Type Of Blog, Then Our Main Objective Is To Google That Blog. Keep It On A High Pedestal. The Work That Has To Be Done To Bring Your Blog To The Top Notch Is Called SEO. In This Way There Are Three Types Of Things In SEO, First Technical SEO, Second Onpage SEO, And Third Offpage SEO.

After Knowing Everything About SEO, Let Us Understand What Is Yoast SEO?


Yoast SEO Is A Plugin Used In WordPress, Which Is Used To Make All Three Types Of SEO And Content Readable. That Is, This Plugin Is Used To Make Its Content And Entire Page Friendly To Google Or Other Similar Search Engines.

Actually The Use Of This Plugin Is Limited To Doing SEO For Hindi Site. Because This Plugin Has Not Yet Been Able To Read Hindi Content. Due To Which It Is Not Able To Read Hindi Content Properly And For This Reason It Does SEO For Hindi Content In The Best Way But It Is Not Able To Make The Content Readability And That Is Why We Hindi Writers Are Not Able To Read It Only. The Benefit Of One Feature Is Available And That Is To Do SEO. But Due To No Option, This Plugin Is Used The Most.

This Plugin Is Currently Working On 12 Million Websites. As A Company, 140 People Are Working Here From The City Of Wijchen In Netherlands. Apart From This, More People Are Connected To This Plugin And Giving Their Services.

How does Yoast SEO work?

Yoast SEO As The Name Suggests, It Does SEO Of The Content Present In Your Blog. The Main Question Becomes, What Level Of SEO Does It Do? Is It Capable Of Doing All Three Types Of SEO ( On-Page SEO,   Off-Page SEO,   Technical SEO )?

There Are Many Plugins Here, Which Give Better Options To Do SEO , But Yoast SEO Provides The Most Speed, Apart From This, There Are Many Things In Yoast SEO That Make It Better Than Other SEO Plugins, Such As –

  1. Readability Of Written Content
  2. Submitting An XML Sitemap
  3. Automatic SEO Optimize करना
  4. Social Integration
  5. Importing Data From Other SEO Plugins
  6. Optimizing Content With The Yoast SEO Metabox

You Will Get All These Facilities In The Free Version, Although The Free Version Gives A Lot More Features, Which Also Have Premium Things. Whereas In The Paid Version , You Will Be Served The Following Facilities In Addition To All These –

  1. All Types Of SEO Training Videos
  2. Facility To Find High Performing Keywords
  3. Keyword Optimization Feature
  4. Presence Of Multiple Languages
  5. Option To Optimize With Different Sites Like Google As Well As Pinterest
  6. Indexing Sitemaps More Quickly
  7. Full Control With Breadcrumbs
  8.  Adfree

How To SEO Your Blog On Yoast SEO?

SEO Of Your Blog Through Yoast SEO Is Very Easy, Being A WordPress Plugin, It Does Not Require Any Type Of Coding. Below We Are Telling You Step By Step How To Do SEO Of Your Blog On Yoast SEO –

1. Install Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin Also Has To Be Installed Like A Normal Plugin, Click Here To Know How To Install The Plugin.

2. Import Data From Other SEO Plugins

 By The Way, It Is Not Required, Because In General We Run Only One SEO Plugin In One Website At A Time. But It Is Required When You Use A Plugin Other Than Yoast SEO.

What Should You Do In This Situation When You Come To Yoast SEO From Any Other SEO Plugin, Let Us Understand Step By Step One By One –

  1. First Of All Go To The Tab Named SEO And Then Click On Tools Then Select The Option Named – Import & Export.
  2. To Import Your Previous Setting, Now Paste Its Setting Code In The Following Blank Space Or You Can Also Go Through The Option Of Importing Its Settings From Other Plugin –
  3. If You Are Installing Yoast SEO Plugin Directly For The First Time, Then You Can Skip This Option Completely.

3. General Settings को Customize करे

 Before Proceeding Further, In Any Case, First Of All Understand All The Types Of Settings, And What Kind Of Technical SEO You Want To Keep In Your Website Will Also Be Confirmed By This.

So For This, By Going To Your WordPress Dashboard, Go To The Section Of SEO >> General  , Now Go To The Configuration Wizard On  The Dashboard Tab.

Here You Will Need To Follow Some Steps Which Will Be As Follows –

  1. In The First Step, You Will Be Asked Whether Your Website Has Been Created Or Not, And If It Is Done, Do You Want To Allow It To Be Indexed.
  2. In The Next Step You Will Be Asked What Type Of Website You Have. That Is, What Is This Blog, Portfolio, Online Shop, Business.
  3. To Make Google Aware Of The Actual Status Of Being The Owner Of Your Site, Put The Logo Of Your Site Here And You Will Also Have To Give Links To Other Social Media Related Things Here.
  4. You Will Have To Choose The Search Visibility Of Your Site, In Which You Will Be Asked To Choose The Policy Of Your Site’s Posts, Pages And Templates For The Search Engines.
  5. In This Step, You Have To Tell About How Many People Run Your Site.
  6. You Have To Tell Here About Which Symbol You Choose For The Site In Meta Title And Slug.
  7. Here You Have To Choose Between Yes And No In Order To Provide Your Required Data To Yoast SEO, So That Yoast SEO Can Improve Itself.
  8. Sign Yourself Up For Yoast SEO Newsletter By Giving Your Mail.

4. Customize Features –

If You Want, You Can Change Any Of The Following Features At Any Time –

5. Optimize Content Through Yoast SEO Meta Box

When You Have Written Your Content Completely, Then It Is Time To Check Through Yoast SEO How Optimized Your Content Is For Search Engines.

Do Some Research Around Your Text Editor And You Will See The Format Of Yoast SEO. Now With The Options Given In These, You Have To Do SEO Of Your Content.

Let Us See What Is Involved In Content Optimization –

  1. Snippet Preview
  2. Focus Keyphrase
  3. SEO Analysis
  4. Readability Analysis
  5. Cornerstone Content
  6. Insight

Now We Will Describe About All These Things One By One –

  • Snippet Preview: – It Tells You How Your Page Will Appear When Searched On Search Engines, You Can Change The Snippet Title Of Your Post, Edit Its Slug As Well As Add Meta Description. Can Do. 

Focus Keyphrase: – This Is The Most Important Thing Of Any SEO Technic, In Fact It Is The Most Important And First Step Of Any SEO. Not The Focus Keyphrase, The Content You Write Has A Keyword , You Need To Enter The Keyword In This Box So That The Yoast Plugin Can Analyze Your Entire Content On The Basis Of This.

SEO Analysis: – In This Line Yoast SEO Reads Your Entire Content And Measures The Rank Of Your SEO According To The Distribution Of Keywords Of Your Post, The Extent Of Your Focus Keyphrase And The Alt Text Given In Your Content.

Readability Analysis: – Yoast SEO Also Tells About How Interesting Your Article Is. Yoast SEO Also Has The Capability Of Readability Where It Looks At Different Types Of Criteria Which Include – Paragraph Analysis, Word Count, Essentiality Of Grammar Used In The Word Etc.

Cornerstone Content: –  Your Most Important Post Is Called Cornerstone Content, You Have To Pay Maximum Attention To This Content, Because It Is The Most Important Content Of The Website As Well As How Is Your Other Contents Related With It? That Is, How Is The Status Of Its Outcome And Income Link?

Insight :-  This Is A Series Of Most Words And Phrases Used In Your Post.

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