WordPress 6.0 features– As friends, you will know that WordPress is one of the largest CMS platform in the world today and WordPress always keeps its updates out.

Friends, some time ago on April 12, 2022, WordPress had released beta version for testing purpose, which was going to be the second major release of 2022 i.e. WordPress was going to release another major.

The second big release has been released on May 24, 2022, which can now be used by everyone but a lot of improvements have been made in it and many new features have been added that you should know about.

Friends, in today’s article WordPress 6.0 feature, you are going to read what new features have been added in WordPress 6.0, so read today’s article from beginning to end.

First of all let’s talk about how to update WordPress.

How to update WordPress

Note – Friends, before doing any update, keep a backup of your database and files.

Friends, this work is the easiest, for this you do not have to do much, you just have to go inside your WordPress dashboard and click on update.

Or else a notice comes at the top of the WordPress dashboard, you can update from there as well, in both these ways your work will be done.

After clicking on Update, you will see a new screen in which you will see a button named Update to version 6.0, you have to click on it and your WordPress version will be updated shortly.

Now friends, let’s talk further about WordPress 6.0 features in Hindi, you can read deeply about WordPress 6.0 below.

What’s New in WordPress 6.0

  1. Enhanced Writing Experience
  2. Style Switching Easily
  3. More Template Choices
  4. Integrated Patterns
  5. Additional Design Tools
  6. Better List View
  7. Block Locking Controls
  8. New Blocks in Block Theme Editor
  9. Responsive Blocks
  10. Improved Performance in WordPress 6.0

Enhanced Writing Experience

It is very important to have content in a website and content has to be written, whether you write content through a new post or add content to an old post, friends, writing has been greatly improved in WordPress 6.0, which includes.

  • Now content can be easily copied and pasted in more than one block,
  • To bring recent post or page you just have to write brackets ( '[[‘) and recent post or page will come easily,
  • Changing one block to another block will no longer change the style,
  • After creating a customized buttons, if we create a new button then its style will be automatic as per the previous button,

Style Switching Easily

Friends, now new and multiple style variations have been added in the block theme of WordPress like font-weight, coloring, etc., using which you will be able to change the style in a shorter way and easier than before, that is, with a few clicks, you can change the complete look of your website. can

To change the style, you will see the switch button on the top right corner of the editor, on clicking on it, you will be able to see the browse styles and change them easily.

More Template Choices

Friends, in WordPress 6.0, five new template options have been added for the block theme. Let us now know which are the five new template options that have been added in WordPress 6.0.

  1. Author
  2. Date
  3. Categories
  4. Tag
  5. Taxonomy

Friends, this is nothing less than a boon for those who write option content of 5 templates.

Integrated Patterns

Now on adding a new page to the WordPress theme, a popup will come in which there will be a list of different patterns, from which we can create pages by choosing any pattern.

Additional Design Tools

Design tools are focused on every time in WordPress and in the 6.0 release of WordPress, the design tools have been given full attention, in which you can read some of the highlights below.

  1. New color panel which can change the look of the website with one click.
  2. Border around the new column block, which will make it easier to set up the column.
  3. There will be transparency levels in the colors panel, which will make it easier to correct the color.
  4. It will be easy to change gaps, margins, typography etc. together in a group block.
  5. Now you can manually add spacing between galleries as per the requirement.

Better List View

Friends, new keyboard shortcuts have now been enabled in WordPress 6.0, which now makes it easy to select, modify and drag and drop multiple blocks from the list view, apart from this, the ListView will now open and close easily.

Block Locking Controls

Friends, this feature is the best feature in which you can lock your blocks. You can choose to disable option so that your blocks will not be moved or removed and this work will be very less at the time of project handover because if we lock the blocks then the client will not move any blocks by mistake which will affect the design of website. There will be no wrong effect.

New Blocks in Block Theme Editor

Friends WordPress 6.0 has brought many new blocks which can be used on any website. You can read about some of the new blocks below.

Comment Query Loop

In WordPress 6.0 now Post Comments block has been replaced by Comment Query Loop block and this block comes with its own sub-block like – comment author name, avatar, comment content, edit link, and more.

Another special thing about this is that you can style any comment by editing it individually.

Read More Block

Friends, in WordPress 6.0, you can now put the read more button in the post excerpts, in which more options are available than before.

Responsive Blocks

Now the responsiveness of all the group blocks has been improved so that the behavior of all the blocks in different screen sizes can be better.

Improved Performance in WordPress 6.0

In this release of WordPress 6.0, a lot of attention has been paid to improving the performance of WordPress, which includes page and post-load speed, caching, navigation menus etc.

A lot of work has been done on WordPress performance, which you can see on #performance Hashtag .

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